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We're global
technology consultants

With over 10 years of experience delivering custom solutions in both the private and public sectors, our skilled team members work with customers to build and implement adaptive, sustainable solutions.

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No matter what kind of solution you seek, or if you're not yet sure what will best benefit you or your business, our analysts will maximize productivity by helping you organize and evolve your ideas.

Web applications

We combine exhilarating graphic design with JavaScript technology frameworks to deliver rich, user experiences that will increase readership.

Service integration

Whether it’s message-oriented middleware or web services connectivity you require, we’ll implement it using standards-based tools and security protocols.

Mobile solutions

Impress your clients and neighbors alike with a mobile app that works on all devices and platforms; one that generates business and social media buzz.


“Gluekode delivered our project under budget and ahead of schedule.”

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Our firm focuses on building and preserving long-term relationships, using old-world principles. We practice reliable, software development techniques and dedicate ourselves to developing scalable, connected customer solutions.


Creative software developers and designers incrementally build your solution, pivoting to meet emerging requirements.


Drive new business with innovative technologies that replace manual processes with efficient, intelligent automation.


Change the landscape of your business space by injecting new ideas and patterns into the market, funneling business your direction.

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